At Econic, we offer a patented process based on a unique catalyst that replaces fossil-based raw materials with renewable carbon. We license our technology to polyols and surfactants manufacturers that supply some of the world’s most iconic consumer brands.

The benefits of our technology

  • Transform waste CO2 into valuable materials
  • Reduce carbon footprint up to 30%
  • Easily incorporate into existing supply chains
  • Energy efficient process that is cost competitive with incumbent technologies
  • Improved product performance versus existing systems
Unique Catalyst Proprietary Process
Upside for manufacturers
  • Take advantage of a flexible process with a range of functionalities, molecular weights and CO2 levels
  • Deliver products with renewable feedstocks that have equal or better performance
  • Keep energy costs the same thanks to temperatures and pressures in line with standard production
  • Use existing assets with minor changes to your process
Upside For Manufacturers
Benefits for brands
  • Significantly reduce the carbon footprint of your products
  • Stand out in the market with new environmental claims
  • Finetune performance for your best products ever
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Order polyol samples

Are you a manufacturer or brand owner interested in switching to materials made with renewable carbon? Let us send you a sample of polyols made with the Econic process.

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Polyol Samples

Tunable properties.
High performance.

When materials contain carbonate linkages alongside ether bonds, manufacturers can finetune the properties and performance of products like never before.

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License our technology

If you would like to learn more about licensing Econic’s technology, our experts would be happy to discuss your application and how to apply our process.

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