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Furniture companies and mattress manufacturers are re-engineering products to incorporate circular design principles. From recycled steel for mattress springs to organic plant-based materials, today’s industry leaders opt for eco-friendly materials and design for recycling. Renewable carbon is the next frontier. Upcycled CO2 along the backbone of polyols can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of flexible foams.

Our homes are full of polyurethane foams

  • Slabstock foams increase comfort in sofas, chairs and pillows
  • Memory foam gives strength and hardness to mattresses for greater support
  • Foams for rolled packed mattresses and pillows (i.e., “bed-in-a-box”) allow compression and inflation
  • Combustion modified ether (CME) foams reduce flammability
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Making polyurethanes from renewable carbon

Before polyurethane becomes part of sofa, mattress or other piece of furniture, it starts out as two components that are mixed together: isocyanates and polyols.

At Econic, we provide manufacturers with a special process and unique catalyst to make polyols — specifically polycarbonate ether polyols — from carbon dioxide instead of fossil fuels. These can effectively replace the oil-based polyether polyols that are typically used in polyurethane production.

The PCE polyols can be formulated using standard catalysts and surfactants. Foams can be produced at a range of isocyanate indices and water contents.

Add upcycled carbon for higher performance

Switching to the Econic process and incorporating renewable carbon, not only makes polyurethane foams more sustainable, it can improve their performance in furniture and mattresses thanks to tunable characteristics at the molecular level.

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Replace Fossil Feedstocks

DropletConventional process for polymers with oil-based raw materials



ProcessEconic’s process for polymers with captured recycled CO2

Process Multiple

Our catalyst transforms inert carbon dioxide into a reactive feedstock; replacing propylene oxide or ethylene oxide in the polyether production process.

Finetune Properties


Carbonate linkages can change the properties of polyurethanes.

Our process allows manufacturers to carefully tune these for optimized performance in every application.
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Comfort Foams Comfort foams
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Memory foam from CO2

Now manufacturers can make premium mattresses from renewable carbon. Download the use case to learn about producing sustainable viscoelastic foam with our technology.

Memory foam mattress

Order polyol samples

Are you a furniture or mattress company interested in making your products from renewable carbon? Let us send you a sample of polyols made with the Econic process.

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License our technology

If you would like to learn more about licensing Econic’s technology, our experts would be happy to discuss your application and how to apply our process.

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