Consumers are demanding more sustainable products. Econic is focused on meeting that demand now and in the future by helping manufacturers across a range markets produce polyols and surfactants with renewable carbon.

Accelerating sustainable living

Our catalyst and energy-efficient process upcycle CO2 into useful products. With Econic’s technology, manufacturers can:

  • Transform CO2 into everyday essentials
  • Significantly cut the carbon footprint of products
  • Stand out in the market with new sustainability claims
  • Improve product performance
  • Make minimal modifications to existing supply chains

Order polyol samples

We are currently shipping samples of polyols made with the Econic process and catalyst.

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2024 Global CleanTech 100

License our technology

If you would like to learn more about licensing Econic’s technology, our experts would be happy to discuss your application and how to apply our process.

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