Econic Presents at Renewable Materials Conference

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Econic’s CEO Keith Wiggins presented at the Renewable Materials Conference in Cologne, Germany, hosted by the Nova-Institute. Keith presented Econic’s CO2 based polyol technology on day 2, as part of Renewable Chemicals and Building Blocks. This was an exciting opportunity to converse with current and future industry leaders who are driving to reduce environmental impact with the move of industry to renewable carbon.

The key takeaway from this event was the growing synergy of bio, CO2 for recycled carbon solutions. The Nova Institute has consistently urged the chemical industry to move from fossil-fuel based carbon to renewable sources. They have published their vision for the future of the industry in this great report here 

23 06 21 Fig 03 01 Explorative Scenario Carbon Embedded In Chemicals And Derived Materials

Nova Institute outlook for carbon sources int he chemical industry

The event also highlighted the need for speed in getting new and more advanced products to market. Sustainable innovation needs to be cost competitive and relatively easy to adopt. Econic’s polyols based on captured carbon dioxide present just that kind of solution.

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