Econic Introduces Materials for Premium Mattresses Made from Captured Carbon

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New Technology for Sustainable Viscoelastic Foams Outperforms Market Standard

Macclesfield, England, UK — February 6, 2024 — Econic Technologies, a deep tech company focused on renewable carbon, has unveiled new technology for memory foam mattresses based on captured CO₂ emissions. Sleep brands and furniture companies that opt for foams made with Econic’s renewable carbon technology instead of petrochemicals can make bolder environmental claims while enhancing product comfort and quality.

Econic’s technology enhances the sustainability and circularity of products by reducing emissions and closing the carbon loop. The technology works by replacing fossil fuels in polyols, a key ingredient in the production of viscoelastic (VE) foams, also known as memory foams. Polyols made with Econic’s technology yield 20-50% fewer greenhouse gases. They can be used alone or in combination with recycled and bio-based polyols, allowing manufacturers to tailor their VE foams based on specific needs and sustainability targets.

Foams made with Econic’s technology perform as well as or better than standard VE foams. They give manufacturers the flexibility to finetune rebound, recovery time and other characteristics. On average, VE foams made with Econic’s technology demonstrate:

  • ball rebound under 15%
  • recovery time of under 11 seconds
  • tensile strength (40-58 kPa)

Econic polyols are odorless and colorless.

“Econic’s technology goes beyond sustainable materials. We’re setting a new standard of performance for the mattress industry. This represents a significant step towards a more circular economy without compromising on quality. Now mattress and furniture companies can deliver an even better consumer experience thanks to renewable carbon,” said Econic’s CEO Keith Wiggins.

About Econic Technologies:

Econic Technologies is a UK-based deep tech company focused on renewable carbon. Its innovative catalyst and process technology allows manufacturers to produce polymers based on CO₂ instead of petrochemicals. The use of CO₂ enhances sustainability while creating more cost-effective, higher-performing end products.  Econic licenses its technology to polyols and surfactants manufacturers that supply some of the world’s most iconic consumer brands. Econic was founded in 2011 by Dr. Charlotte Williams at Imperial College London. The company is part of Cleantech Group’s Global Cleantech 100. Its global headquarters are in Alderley Park, UK just outside of Manchester.


2024 Global CleanTech 100

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