Dr. Michael Kember

Mike is a co-founder of Econic Technologies and co-inventor of Econic’s catalysts. He has led the development of Econic’s technology for over 10 years, from concept to implementation. He is an inventor on more than 70 granted patents. He has held personal postdoctoral fellowships from AXA and EPSRC at Imperial College London and completed his […]

Jill Dearnaley

Jill’s extensive leadership experience has been developed across multiple industries, including the chemical industry at Univar, with roles in supply chain management, engineering working processes and customer and supplier business relationship management. Jill joined the leadership team to design develop and establish cost-optimised business processes that will deliver results driven by exceptional customer service.

Robert Marrow

Rob has a track record of delivering growth and building businesses with experience across chemicals, technology, retail, supply chain & trading. He has spent 20 years in different finance roles in Shell, including in Chemicals and Venturing, and has subsequently held CFO roles in the Middle East and UK. Rob is a chemical engineering graduate […]

Professor Charlotte Williams

Charlotte is a Professor or Inorganic Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Oxford, and is also Econic’s CSO. Her research interests are in the area of catalysis and polymer chemistry, including polymerization catalysts, CO2 activation and the catalytic valorisation of renewable resources. Charlotte’s work has been recognized by awards from the […]

Keith Wiggins

Keith Wiggins is the CEO of Econic Technologies, a deep tech company focused on catalyst technology for renewable carbon. An accomplished senior leader, Keith joined Econic in 2021, bringing over 35 years of experience in the materials science sector and related industries. Keith has held numerous executive and non-executive leadership positions at publicly traded and […]

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