Econic Catalysts

Catalysis is the acceleration of a chemical reaction by a catalyst. Econic Technologies is commercialising a unique range of catalysts for the alternating co-polymerisation of CO2 with epoxides. Without the catalyst the carbon dioxide would simply not react with other raw materials.

Econic catalysts enable the production of polycarbonates and polymers which may be used to produce polyurethane materials and other products. Econic has a patent-protected family of novel homogeneous organometallic catalysts with two active metal sites. The high rate of activity and selectivity for polymers under low pressures are a unique feature of Econic catalysts which enable the maximum theoretical uptake of CO2 with superior reaction rates under industry relevant conditions.

These advantages mean that Econic Technologies is well-placed to succeed in a growing market which is able to use waste captured carbon dioxide from industrial processes, transforming it into commercially viable end products.

Our processes are suitable for the production of either low molecular weight polycarbonate polyols or high molecular weight thermoplastic polycarbonates.

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