Carbon Dioxide as a Feedstock

Carbon capture and the utilisation of waste CO2 is becoming more important as the focus on the reduction of harmful greenhouse gas emissions increases in an attempt to battle climate change. CO2 gas is a major by-product of many industrial processes and contributes massively to harmful impacts on the earth’s climate.

Utilising CO2 as a chemical feedstock for polymers is an attractive proposition that scientists have investigated for over 40 years.

CO2 is readily available as a cheap waste gas from industrial processes, but it is very unreactive. It needs to be activated using a catalyst and combined with a more reactive partner. One reaction that has been found to be energetically possible is that between CO2 and epoxides. One such epoxide, Propylene Oxide (PO), is a building block for polyether polyols which may be used in the production of polyurethanes.

Econic’s catalyst technology provides one of the few commercially viable routes to chemically modify CO2,

Utilisation of captured CO2

Econic’s processes and catalysts are suitable for use with captured CO2. Econic catalysts enable waste CO2 to be re-used, reducing the use of fossil fuel chemicals required to produce polymers. It contributes towards a greener economy, resource efficiency and the circular economy.

Econic catalysts activate the waste CO2 for co-polymerisation with epoxides by reducing the amount of activation energy needed in the creation of polymers. The CO2 is chemically incorporated into the polymer product, transforming this waste gas into valuable carbon feedstock.

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