Many industrial processes emit large quantities of carbon dioxide, including power generation, manufacturing and fermentation. In the future, many of these industries are likely to be obliged to pursue carbon capture and utilisation (CCU). Econic’s technology allows CO2 to be used as a raw material, preventing it from being released as a waste gas.

Almost all materials used by the polymer industry are derived from fossil resources with approximately 8% of the extracted oil/gas being used for polymer manufacturing. With Econic catalysts, polymer producers can replace non-renewable petrochemical raw materials with CO2. This effectively locks COinto the polymer chain in a form of carbon capture, and furthermore reduces the use of petrochemicals. In polyol manufacture for example, for each tonne of CO2 utilised to produce the polymer, a further two tonnes of CO2 could be saved by avoiding the use of petrochemical feedstock manufacture.

The processes are also energy-efficient and operate under mild conditions, allowing further reduction in fossil fuel usage. In the future, using renewably resourced epoxides, the manufacture of entirely renewable polycarbonate may be possible.

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