Professor Charlotte Williams

Founder & Chief Scientific Officer

Charlotte Williams is a Professor of Inorganic Chemistry and founder of Econic Technologies. Charlotte formed Econic in 2001, and serves as a director and the CSO for the comapny. Away from Econic, Charlotte leads a research group in the Department of Chemistry at Trinity College, working in areas including: catalysts for selective polymerisations, ring-opening polymerisation and carbon dioxide copolymerisations. Charlotte moved to Univeristy of Oxford form Imperial College London in September 2016, taking up the role of Professor of Inorganic Chemistry and the Inorganic Chemistry Tutorial Fellow at Trinity College.  Her research team have moved with her to Oxford Chemistry and will continue to investigate challenges in polymerisation catalysis and polymer synthesis for applications spanning commodity plastics/elastomers, polymer electronics and degradable polymers for medicine.  Charlotte founded Econic Technologies in 2011. She serves as a director and the CSO for the company.

Her research has been recognised by a number of awards, including the Royal Society of Chemistry Corday Morgan Prize (2016), Women in Science and Engineering Tech Start Up Award (2015), Bio-environmental Polymer Society Outstanding Early Career Academic Award (2011) and the Royal Society of Chemistry Early Career Award in Energy, Environment and Sustainability (2009).

Charlotte’s continued involvement with Econic helps to steer the scientific direction of the company, as well as adding invaluable depth to our creative approach to both research and exploitation of the technology.